So I have been noticing a certain trend among some in the ‘long-time’ spiritual community lately, where anyone who is vaguely interested in the idea of spirituality or wears some sort of flowery head gear is deemed a sort of, and what I would have called through my Sex-Pistol-obsessed pubescence,  ‘poser’.

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Although we don’t really use that word. Hipster?  I still don’t understand what that is.


Now I am not claiming innocence in this regard. Believe me, the idea that there  might be some girl out there wearing hippie pants, stomping around, blowing bubbles and thinking she’s the new,’ non-mainstream’ Buddha grates my tits just as much as the next ten- years-been-a’-meditatin’ monk. Yes, I am a monk compared to all of you scathing creatures! Not really, and this is exactly what I am talking about.

“Pride is spiritual cancer: it eats up the very possibility of love, contentment or even common sense”-C. Lewis

As one typically does, I shared a picture a few months ago on Facebook, specifically the following….

nam…..and you know what?  It made me feel really damn good about myself. How dare they? I have been meditating for years! I have faced demons that they could not dream of! How dare they? Running around with their thousand rand hippie pants! I like hippie pants too! But would I buy them? NO! I would rather pay for yoga classes! They call themselves spiritual. I’m spiritual! Unconscious idiots! IDIOTUSES! FAKERY! MOCKERY!… Hi, ego! Nice to meet you… once again!  Can’t get this thing off our back now, can we?  AHHHHHHH JEHOVAS!  Maybe, though, it would help if we stopped judging everyone around us or at least be conscious that this is coming from the ego. Also, good on you kid. I’m too much of a shitting goose to try that acid stuff. *Shivers slightly in boots*

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Now I am not entirely sure what to think of what is deemed by some as cultural appropriation where loony festival-goers have been skipping in circles with  Indian headdresses, or whatever other aesthetically pleasing ethnic attire, as the latest ironically-vested statement. This is perhaps a sensitive and hard topic.

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Although, and this is simply my opinion, if the ‘originally enlightened’, for lack of a better classification,  really were ones for awakening, I don’t think they would necessarily care if we changed the word ‘zen’ to ‘zock’ and started to painting  yin-yang signs on our asses at peace fests with alcoholic beverages that can get you in ‘the zone’. (I should never host anything. I know.)  I don’t think so because enlightenment isn’t really anyone’s to claim.

Maybe the truth is, and I know this is spot-on for me, that we feel like our ‘uniqueness’ is fading. Spirituality used to be a bit more of a rare breed, and we took insane pride in this. It was the thing that only the ‘deep’ or ‘weird’ kids’ who listened to Tool did and be honest,  even if you claimed to not fit in any non-conformist box you kind of liked being there, all snuggled up against your cozy ‘spirituality’.  Now, everyone is stepping onto your territory and you’re no longer different. You’re just like everyone else. A clone!!  A sheep!!


The awakening, if you’re into that sorta business,  is speeding up and taking no prisoners. This is just one way in which it has manifested. Rather than judge and ridicule, let’s show them the unconditional love that we so often talk about. Welcome home my friends and please, put down the Lennon glasses. I  might just kill you.