I’ve been holding off expressing this view, weirdly enough, within the spiritual community. This is because a lot of charge tends to come up, especially with regards to raising our personal vibration and positive thinking. Although, it seems to me that, usually, when  I begin to feel angry or resistant at the mention of a certain idea, experience or way of being it’s because there is something there that I am trying to avoid.

At the ‘core’ of everything, I feel, there is this sort of conscious ‘Being-ness’, for lack of better terminology. Sometimes, when I sit with this ‘Being-ness’, I begin to realize that many of these spiritual strategies we employ are still simply part of ‘the game’, ‘the matrix’ or ‘the illusion’.

There is nothing necessarily wrong with these ways of playing with energy or maybe even using them as a technique to eventually let go of or ‘burn out the seeker’. The problem is that when we get attached to these strategies and beliefs, it creates a fundamental argument with reality. Perhaps ideas pertaining to Spirit Guides, positive thinking and so forth are a bunch of noise that we have somehow stuffed into a box which we decided to label’spirituality’.

When we engage with positive thinking, we immediately split our reality in two. When we start to talk about spirit guides we immediately start to engage with our personal truth as though it is something outside of ourselves. Lastly, when we start to talk about raising our vibration as a means to ‘gain’ enlightenment we are assuming that enlightenment is some higher point to build our way up to. That it is some sort of medal at the end of passing all the levels of the game.

Yes, in a sense these spiritual concepts, just like any form of illusory reality,  could be said to be a part of or ‘stem’ from this place of ‘Beingness. The question is: if we are going to accept the fact that this third-dimensional reality is an illusion then why do we pretend that positive thinking, guides or different and higher-level realities are any more real than the ‘lower’ ones?

“The philosophy of positive thinking means being untruthful; it means being dishonest. It means seeing a certain thing and yet denying what you have seen; it means deceiving yourself and others.” Osho

As I said there is nothing necessarily ‘wrong’ with these ways of navigating different realities but just as getting caught up and attached to this third-dimensional reality is a way in which we run away from our true selves just so these spiritual tactics can serve as a distraction. It’s as if we confuse ‘enlightenment’ with simply rising to another level or vibration of the game.

If you are playing a game on your computer and you all of a sudden realize there are higher levels (i.e vibrations) that can be reached, is this really waking up? Or would waking up rather constitute the realization that you (ie: your true self) are the one behind the game and that is all it is; simply a game? It’s as if we think that when we get to the highest level of vibration we’re all of a sudden going to get enlightenment handed to us. My interpretation of this is that you’re going to get to the final level, you’re first going to realize you’re still ‘unenlightened’ and ask ‘what the fuck do I do now?’ If you’re lucky you’ll realize that there is nothing to do, that you can never actually be ‘unenlightened’ and wow, you are probably going to have yourself a good old Buddha-belly laugh.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you stop playing the game but rather that you wake up to the fact that, that is all it is: a game. You then become unattached to getting to new levels because you realize that it doesn’t really matter after all but, as with most games, it’s still pretty damn entertaining.