Lately,  I’ve become more interested in anarchism, ecology, somatic experiencing, fungi, connecting with one’s cycles, capitalism, and patriarchy…..and inhale.

This, is, of course, a lengthy list of subjects to be interested in and so I may be completely wrong, or at the very least, there may be some gaps in my very limited knowledge and understanding so this is simply an amateur theory, but I think I’m onto something intuitively over here. Hopefully.

Capitalism, cycles, and linear modes 

Capitalism seems to work within a very linear mode of being. This, in my estimation at least, is completely opposite to our natural way of being.

As far as I understand it, the planet, not excluding ourselves and every ecosystem within ourselves, is at the most sustainable and thriving mode of being when it’s working within somewhat circularly defined ecological states.

Instead, we do the opposite, we create linear modes of being, and then wonder why we feel burnt out, why we are always getting sick, why a planet based on circularly defined ecosystems just won’t adhere to any sustainable methods within a system that isn’t inherently sustainable.

Why ecological devastation would lead to a pandemic.

The hidden trap of ‘innovation’

The word innovation here springs to mind and now I understand why it has always rubbed me the wrong way.

It’s not the same as creativity.  It denotes a certain level of conformity to the capitalistic system. Creativity defined within narcissistic, linear, and capitalistic modes of being.

A more down to earth example of this would be an artist, having given up her life’s dream of becoming the next Frida Khalo, resigns herself to creating innovative (puke) pictures of vacuum cleaners for a marketing company.

It’s also used a lot within African youth contexts and I can’t help but access some strange feeling, that it is some form of underhanded neocolonialism.

Innovation, is in some sense, a trickster, pulling the blanket over creative minds that could come up with revolutionary ways of being and thinking.

It’s in a word, soul-sucking.

Myth, patriarchy, and the rise of the Divine Feminine

Cycles map the most auspicious time for everything in life. Women are fortunate enough to have an internal map that gives them directions for the most auspicious timing for everything they do. Unfortunately, our Western Culture has decided that women’s inner guidance system is relatively obselete, and has reprogrammed women to abandon their internal twenty-eight day biological calendar in favour of a patriachal calender. – Sacred Retreat: Using Natural Cycles to Recharge Your Life, Pia Orleane, PH.D.

So perhaps my new age background and obsession with outdated Jungian mythology based on gender norms has me all mixed up here, but it’s the best reference point I have for now.

Whilst ‘masculine’ modes of being are more defined by the linear and technical structures, ‘feminine’ modes are more defined by creativity and cycles.

There is nothing wrong with either of these modes but perhaps the masculine, specifically the toxic masculine has become too overbearing in our current society, normalizing the linear, working till we are at deaths’ door, harsh individualism and narcissistic tower climbs.

Have you ever wondered why the sociopaths make it to the top?

So, what do we do?

The short answer is, I don’t know. This is all speculation anyway and so do please take it with a pinch of salt.

The long and more bold answer is, beyond direct political action and education, beginning to implement more ‘feminine’ modes of being within our lives.

Get in touch with nature, get in touch with your bodies, create, sing, dance and use your imagination. Do not let capitalism suck up all your time with its death-like march towards, well, what exactly? Nothing that holds true meaning.

It may not seem like it, but these acts are radical skips towards revolution.

Access your Divine Feminine and cut capitalisms’ throat.



Contributor and FounderDayna Joan Remus

     Previous long-time fence sitter, Dayna now refers to herself as a “wary anarchist” and “part-time vegan” – whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. When she isn’t working her full-time job as a publisher and obsessing over it’Sunny you will probably find her pacing around and reading or singing Disney songs in – and out – the shower.