One of the core ways capitalistic-states traumatise us all; all genders, all sexes, all races, everyone is by alienating us from the earth, from those around us and from the very thing we use to walk and run and work and play and dance; our bodies.

“A woman’s body is a living, breathing altar” – Pussy:A Reclamation, Regena Thomashauer

Instead of the natural organism it’s meant to be, our bodies are turned into products for sale. Your body is mutilated over the course of a lifetime into an emulation of an unquestioned version of the perfect woman or man. Your body is and the bodies of your ancestors were used, many times through force and slavery to build up these monuments to money and greed.

One of the best investments I have made is to pay for a somatic therapist. If you have the privilege of being able to access this, then do it. It will help you lean in to the infinite intelligence of your body, an intelligence we have been cut off from from far too long with ideal images, slavery and objectification.

Reclaim your body. Listen to what is has to say. Turn it into a piece of revolutionary art. Grow your leg hairs out – or don’t. Dye your hair. Dance, dance and dance some more.

But most of all, look after it. Don’t let capitalism over burden it with its excesses of tiresome work days, don’t forget that your body is not a product to be sold on social media and neither is it a tool to be used for the churning out of goods and information.

Our purposes all extend far beyond becoming walking advertisements and cogs, and if you listen to your body, if you really give it some time, you will hear it calling out for you, and perhaps it’s calling for a revolution of reclamation.



Contributor and FounderDayna Joan Remus

     Previous long-time fence sitter, Dayna now refers to herself as a “wary anarchist” and “part-time vegan” – whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. When she isn’t working her full-time job as a publisher and obsessing over it’Sunny you will probably find her pacing around and reading or singing Disney songs in – and out – the shower.