The Limits and Possibilities of Morality for Finite Humans Living in a Finite World

“Nihilism represents the ultimate logical conclusion of our great values and ideals – because we must experience nihilism before we can find out what these ‘values’ really had. – We require, sometime, new values.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, The Will to Power, Preface, §4. How do we – human, all too human beings – reform ourContinue reading “The Limits and Possibilities of Morality for Finite Humans Living in a Finite World”


St. Augustine and Heidegger were two thinkers obsessed with time. Not time in the sense that physicists might understand it, but time as a phenomenon: how humans experience time. St. Augustine was fascinated with the mystery of time: in what sense do the past and future exist? They are in an obvious sense unreal –Continue reading “Story-time”

Liberals, Look to Your Left!

Almost anyone who identifies as being somewhere on the radical end of the political spectrum – as an anarchist or an autonomous Marxist or just a plain old leftist, for instance – has probably found themself in situations where they have had to explain their ideas to well-meaning but deeply frustrating individuals who also seekContinue reading “Liberals, Look to Your Left!”

Some More Gender Trouble

‘Are you a man or a woman, dear?’ A question that’s been eating away at me for quite some time. As if these are the only two options. For many non-genderqueer people, this particular question enjoys an almost solidified and unquestionable status as a factual principle of gender reality. You are either a man orContinue reading “Some More Gender Trouble”


When we look out at the sky at night, we’re also looking back into the past. The light from distant stars takes so long to reach us that we cannot be sure that, in reality, they’re still there. Although the myriad things that surround us on Earth – rocks and rose bushes and panda bearsContinue reading “Ghosts”